Pilates is a form of low impact exercise with a mind-body centering technique that emphasises the importance of central core stability through all of our body movements.

Pilates focuses on strength re-training of the muscles at a local level. Restoring balance and integrating global muscle systems (whole body movement) with precision and concentration to improve body conditioning, strength, balance and proprioception, whilst lengthening and mobilising every part of the body.

Benefits of Pilates

Builds strength

Unlike other forms of strength training, Pilates movements teach us to move from a stable centre helping to build long, lean and toned muscles that work as an integrated whole promoting balance and symmetrical muscle development.

Improves posture

Pilates is based upon slow, controlled, precise movement sequences that focus heavily on alignment and balance. These principles are at the centre of all movements and a strong core goes a long way towards good posture.

Reduces pain

Pain alters our perception of normal movement. Pilates helps to recondition and retrain the body from the central core preventing the recurrence of and manage pain that can be influenced by a range of postural, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Our classes

At restörr Health we offer highly tailored and specific Pilates classes developed around you. Whether you’re looking for a beginner Pilates class or a high intensity work out, your Pilates instructor will guide and teach you ways to feel, connect, move and be mindful of your body and all that it can do.

If you are new to the Pilates method, returning to classes post pregnancy or have an injury, we recommend that you start with an individual physiotherapy Pilates assessment. Together we can identify areas that may need additional attention, fine tune control to ensure the exercises are specific to your needs.

If you are a new class participant you are required to fill out our health screening questionnaire. Click here to download.

Train when & where you want

We offer a range of different ways to train, to suit you and your lifestyle.

View our timetable

01 On-Demand Library

Are you an early morning riser or perhaps you love your late nights? No matter what time of the day, restörr Health have you covered! With new workouts added weekly, you can have unlimited access to the on-demand library at the touch of a button. Train with us day or night, anywhere in the world! From HIIT, Clinical Pilates, pregnancy friendly to gentle stretch and mobilising sessions.

02 Live Streaming

Train with restörr Health founder and physiotherapist, Lauren Storr, LIVE from the comfort of your own home. With classes Monday-Saturday you’ll be sure to find one that suits you!

03 Studio Classes

Train with us in our brand new calming studio at Barncliffe Mills in the rolling Hills of Yorkshire! These sessions are small group classes with attention to detail under the watchful eye of Physiotherapist Lauren Storr allowing for pure supervision throughout your class to get the most out of your body.

Meet Lauren Storr

BSc (Hons). MCSP. HCPC. APPI Certified.

Lauren is a fully certified APPI Pilates instructor and is passionate about using her specialist knowledge to help clients recover from injury and empower people to be stronger, healthier and more confident in their body’s ability to move.

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