Performance Screening & Coaching

Here at restörr Health we are able to offer functional movement screening; incorporating biomechanical assessment alongside a modified APPI Pilates functional movement test. This will help to identify weakness, abnormal movement patterning and postural limitations. Any one of these imbalances can hinder performance and increase injury risk.

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Our sports screening service combines education with expert advice from specialist coaches alongside Pilates to optimise your athletic performance and help you to achieve your goals.

Lauren is a fully qualified UK athletics coach with years of experience as a highly competitive hurdler. As a fully certified APPI PIlates teacher along with her years of experience as a physiotherapist, she is fully equipped to support you with your training and injury management, giving you the knowledge and tools you need to reach your goals.

Performance Screening & Coaching can help with:

  • Athletic injury
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Performance coaching

Benefits of Performance Screening & Coaching

Injury Prevention

Comprehensive screening helps to identify abnormal movement patterns and weaknesses that may predispose players/athletes to injury, therefore enabling athletes to modify their rehab and training programme to ensure injury risk is minimal.

Optimise athletic performance

Specialist guidance, coaching and support empowers athletes to feel more confident in their training, giving structure and balance, creating sustainability right up to competition.

Identify risk factors

Performance screening can be used to identify factors that may predispose athletes/players to injury, as well as lifestyle variables that could influence performance. Recorded data can help to access the effectiveness of a rehabilitation programme, measuring progress and the effectiveness of training.


Functional movement screening can be performed at any point during block training, pre season and off season. Screening carried out pre season, or at the start of a block of training will give an athlete and coach a baseline measurement of current musculo-skeletal health.

Performance screening can combine athletic physiotherapy and functional movement testing to identify musculo-skeletal and biomechanical imbalances that can be corrected through education, exercise and physiotherapy. Screening helps to reduce injury risk and improve athletic performance.

Athlete to coach contact is a key element identified in improving athletic performance. Coaching alongside sports medicine and sports science can help to improve performance in any sport.

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