Dynamic Pilates

Pilates meets Functional movement and flow sequence to create a high intensity, faster paced class with performance in mind. A dynamic class focuses more on continuous flow of movement throughout; improving strength, flexibility and body conditioning.

This is a high level dynamic Pilates workout for the advanced participant. It focuses on functional movement delivered with all the key fundamentals of the Clinical Pilates repertoire you’ve already learnt in your Pilates Core or Fundamental class.

Dynamic Pilates


This class was originally set up to compliment athletic performance, particularly that of runners.

After working closely with various sports men and women, it was clear to see the benefits of Pilates for athletes was not limited to the running population, and has since evolved into our very popular Dynamic Performance flow class. 

This session will look at ways to facilitate and improve performance with a focus on the way we control our movement when we are training and exercising; whether that be running, swimming or cycling. Pilates is a great complementary exercise to any athlete’s weekly training plan helping to reinforce normal movement patterning, minimise fatigue, aid recovery as well as reduce and eliminate injury risk.

Delivered by a Physiotherapist with a background in high level athletics, the class is heavily focused on education so rest assured you will get a whole mind, body and ‘physiotherapy’ experience! 

If you prefer a faster paced session with all the control, this class is for you! 

55 mins
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Pilates practice deepens the mind-body connection helping athletes achieve ultimate body awareness, prepares them physically and mentally, aids recovery following injury, addresses asymmetries thus reducing injury risk, so less time spent out of action and more time training. 

Dynamic Pilates is suitable to the experienced participant, those looking for a more challenging and faster paced class, and specifically athletes looking to enhance and compliment their training.